The American Film Institute challenge!

Around two years ago approximately on the 5th January after feeling the effects of indulging over the Christmas period (of feeling mostly guilty) I decided rather than promising myself to get a six-pack or get a job in the media industry (which I have unsuccessfully trying to pursue for the last seven years) for that years New Year’s Resolution I thought I would do something more achievable and fun. So I set myself the task of watching all the movies featured on The American Film Institute’s top 100 list of all time.

Sounds straight forward right? But how wrong was I? Not only were there two lists – one from 1998 and an updated version on 2007 which means there were in fact 123 films to get through but some of the older films were extremely difficult to get hold of thanks to Sky getting rid of their classic movie channel and replacing it with a modern great movies channel which considers films like ‘Barb-Wire’ to be a worthy movie.

 So this task is challenging to say the least, but I am loving every minute of it and I thought I will document my journey with reviews, thoughts and the obstacles I face until I get to the end – this will be the first New Year’s Resolution that I will complete even if I am 2 years too late!

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